“People don’t care what you know, until they know and see that you care.”

Rivergum Community Care Inc.

 Mission Statement

To be a blessing in the local community and make a positive change in people’s lives.

Rivergum Community Care is the community service arm of Rivergum Community Church. Everything Rivergum Community Care does is aligned with the beliefs, values, and mission of Rivergum Community Church.

See for more information on the vision, values, and mission of Rivergum Community Church.

Rivergum Community Care will achieve its mission through:

1)    Identifying Needs

Identifying the needs of individuals and families within Rivergum’s local community and developing relationships and initiatives that: i) are responsive to those needs, and ii) build capacity and equip people to respond to their own needs.

2)    Community Participation

Providing opportunities for Rivergum members to become involved in, contribute to, and serve the local community, in line with the beliefs and values of Rivergum Community Care and Rivergum Community Church.

3)    Networks and Partnerships

Promoting partnerships and co-operation, sharing resources and goals with other community organisations, and church members

 Activities for Families and Young Children

  • Playtime Playgroup meets on a Tuesday morning at 9:30, for parents/ and care givers and children under 5 years
  • Mainly Music – music and movement group for children up to 6 years and their parents/ care giver
  • Mums group meets on Friday mornings at 10:30am in the church lounge. This group is run to provide support for mums as they care for young children
  • Our Kids ministry which runs on a Sunday morning during the service is an amazing opportunity for kids to connect with other kids of the same age, while they learn about belonging to a community of faith in Jesus.  
  • Parenting support groups and information courses will commence in 2018, please check the Rivergum website for dates of courses

Relationship Support for Couples (and Families)

Alpha ministries provide excellent resources and courses for those who are looking at enriching their relationship. In 2017 we will begin to facilitate the Alpha Marriage Course, and the Alpha Pre Marriage Course. More information will be provided closer to the commencement of these courses.

Financial Counselling and Support

Is available by appointment – please conact

Healthy Lifestyle

Bootcamp runs on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm at Rivergum. Bootcamp caters for all fitness levels. Contact for more information or to register your interest

Childcare is available for a small fee

Cottage Markets – are run regularly throughout the year, as a way of engaging with our local community, while we raise money for our Emergency Relief ministry. If you would like more information about the markets please contact

Our Emergency Relief and Meals Ministry is accessible to those in our local community who are experiencing hardship or a change in circumstances where support is needed.

Regular cook ups are held on the church site, to keep out freezer stocked for those in need of a home cooked meal. If you are interested in participating in a cook up please contact

Support for Parents of Adolescents 

Parenting teens can be a challenge. In 2018 Rivergum is looking at developing a support initiative for parents of teens. This initiative will incorporate the Alpha ‘Parenting Teens’ course, which is run over 5 weeks.

On the completion of the course there will be opportunities for parents to meet with other parents from our Rivergum community, on an individual and/or group basis, with the view of providing ongoing support to parents who are wanting to create and maintain a healthy relationship with their ‘Teens’.