Connect Groups


Connect Groups are the heartbeat of Rivergum. It’s where church becomes family.  Large groups are great for inspiration and input. But in a small group we get past the generalities and superficialities of being in a crowd.  We get to share our life with others.

Jesus never intended that our Christian walk be a solo effort, but that we walk with others as we follow him.  Connect Groups are a great place to both give and receive the insight, strength and encouragement we need for the journey.  It’s where relationships are deepened and life transformation happens. We learn, love, and laugh together.

Connect groups gather in different locations and times throughout the week.  Some are age-specific (eg youth, young adults) while others are all-age.  New groups commence on an “as needs” basis, or you are welcome to join an existing group at any time.

We would love you to be a part of the unique opportunities that our Connect Groups offer.  Just register your interest here or contact the church office (ph 8824 8182) through the week.  We would be keen to discuss what group/s would best suit your availability and needs.