Our Beliefs


Godrouse hill church

We believe God is pre-eminent, is worthy of all praise and our life's devotion. Therefore we will love Him passionately and seek to honour and please Him in all we do.

Jesus Christ

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God & Saviour of the world - the way, the truth and the life. Therefore as His committed disciples we will seek to know him and to make Him known.

Holy Spirit

We believe God's people are indwelt and empowered by His Spirit to become and achieve all He has destined them to be and do. Therefore we are committed to equipping people to grow in the fruit of the Spirit and the use of their spiritual gifts.


We believe the Bible is God's word, revealing His heart and will for us, and imparting a life enriching message to this generation. Therefore we are committed to understanding it, living it, and communicating its truths effectively to others.


We believe that relationships (with God and others) are the essence of life. Therefore we will give ourselves to honest, loving relationships, seeking always to honour and empower others.


We believe that God's church is the hope of the world, and as a grace-filled, servant community is called to live out, and give out, God's love and good news to others.
Therefore, we are committed to growing and resourcing God's church to its full potential.

Growthrouse hill community church

We believe God intends that his people continue to learn and grow, becoming more like Christ and reaching their full potential. Therefore, we are committed to providing opportunities for life transformation, ongoing Christian discipleship, and leadership development.


We believe God calls every believer to be a servant of Christ and each other, actively involved in the Body in gift-based, passion-driven ministry.
Therefore we value unity, teamwork, conscientious attitudes (a standard of excellence) and the unique contribution of every member.


We believe Jesus offers life that is meaningful, significant and fulfilling. Our response therefore is a thankful heart, a faith-filled outlook on life, the embracing of each day and living life to the max.