Our History


Rivergum was launched in December 1999 as a church plant from Castle Hill Community Church. Several families were commissioned to commence a new church in the rapidly growing estates of the residential development known as the North-West Sector of Sydney. Jeff Deuble, Senior Pastor at Castle Hill church at the time, was appointed to lead the team.


Their passion was to establish 'a church for the unchurched'- to connect in relevant ways with those who are away from God, and to share with them His amazing love and good news. Our mission is simply: ''Through Jesus Christ to help people belong, believe and become all God wants them to be”.  We call Rivergum a Community Church because we are seeking to make a significant contribution to the emerging suburbs and communities of this area. We want to have a positive impact for God and for good in people's lives.

Since our beginnings, God has been doing some awesome things, opening doors of service and opportunity. In partnership with Landcom we provided resources to new residents and organised community events for people of all ages. We have provided care programs for school children, and now run Playgroups support groups for children, youth and adults, plus needs-based courses and programs.

Through Rivergum's life and witness, it has been our joy to see a number of people come to faith in Jesus Christ, to see release, growth and transformation in their lives.

Do you want to dream the dreams?  To share in the adventure?  To be “in on” what God is doing in the world - within us, and through us to others?  We'd love you to make contact, ask questions, and check us out.