Our Vision




I see a church that honours and pleases God by reflecting the life and reproducing the ministry of His Son, Jesus Christ. It expresses uncluttered, radical, enthusiastic Christianity.

I see a healthy, loving, life-giving church worshipping God - celebrating in joyful abandon, while being nurtured and equipped in dynamic small groups through the week.


I see a church that is a refreshing oasis for people in their life journey. It's a great place to come to, because its members are genuine, gracious and caring, and because God's presence and peace pervades. It's a place that provides hope, help and healing and where people are being equipped to live as children of God and transformed, devoted followers of Jesus. The facilities are simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing, being utilized by both church and community groups.


I see a Christ-like, Spirit-empowered, servant church being 'salt'and 'light'- positively impacting its community and influencing its culture, bringing God's love and good news to those who don't know Him yet. In fact over half their number have come from those who were previously unchurched. Members love to share their faith and to serve others and the Body of Christ through gift-based, passion-driven ministry. In pursuit of excellence, leaders are intentionally developing their character and skills to be more effective.

I see a church in mission, reaching out relevantly, creatively and passionately. A church that in partnership with other churches, has sparked a mighty move of God's Spirit in the North West Sector of Sydney. It's a reproducing church, birthing new cells, congregations and churches - locally and elsewhere.

Moreover, I dream, pray and long for such a church - committed disciples of Christ faithfully seeking to know and do his will, and to joyfully enlist their lives in the purposes of God. A church that brings high glory to Him, inspiration and blessing to others. A church that is audaciously advancing the Kingdom of God!