“Rivergum's vision is to be a church in mission, looking beyond ourselves and caring for others.  We want to share God's heart for His lost children and a hurting world, reaching out with His love and good news to those who desperately need it.

As we partner with Him and others, we want to bring positive transformation in people's lives and local communities - where we live and in other places around the world.

As we reach out to others, we want to bless them with support, encouragement, prayer, resources and practical assistance.  We want them to know that we do what we do for the glory of God, and in His name - a natural response to the blessing that He is in our own lives.”

Jeff Deuble – Senior Pastor

Rivergum has already established partnerships with others serving the Lord Jesus, both locally and around the world.

See all our mission connections here!


Rivergum wants to encourage its members to be involved in mission generally, not only with its primary mission partners. With this in mind, members of the Rivergum community can apply for financial support in their mission involvement.

Please view the guidelines and application form HERE